About Us

About Us

AMAFRUT Export-Import Sp. z o.o. is a company operating in the Transport, Freight Forwarding and Logistics sector whose offer is addressed mainly to the food, fresh vegetable and fruit industry. The mission of our company is to ensure high quality to all of our customers, which is reflected in timely and seamless delivery of consignments.


Our guarantee of successful order processing lies in fifteen years of experience in the transport sector, our reliable staff, financial stability of the company as well as our own, modern fleet of vehicles and trailers.

Fast and reliable transport is a fundamental aspect in the food industry, therefore we possess and use our own refrigerating facilities. All of our vehicles meet the newest emission standard EURO 6, and their age is not more than 2 years.

We ensure transportation of vegetables and fruit, as well as other food products from locations indicated by our customers to chains of stores in Poland, based on delegated groups of vehicles withrefrigerated trailers for 33 pallets or tarpaulin trailers for 33 pallets.


The geographical area in which our services are available covers the entire territory of the European Union as well as countries of south Europe, including in particular, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, France, Belgium and Slovenia. The scope of our company services is additionally extended as a result of our cooperation with many carriers, allowing transportation of any kinds of loads on pan-European routes. We have all the necessary permits and certificates which allow us to reach any requested location.


AMAFRUT has a license for international commercial road transport of goods.



We are fast. We are precise. We are reliable. We look forward to processing YOUR order.